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     Springtime brings tasty Greenhouse Tomatoes to Westhaven Farm. We grow these treats during the cold dreary winter months so they will be ready to revive our taste buds in the Spring.

    We raise slicing , grape and sweet cherry tomatoes that are picked at a ripe stage not green for shipping which ensures the best taste possible.

     Also , we have abandoned chemical pest control for the past 10 years to offer clean pesticide free fruit for your enjoyment. All pest control is provided through cultural controls and "beneficial " natural predators just as Mother Nature intended.

     We also use natural bumble bees for pollination which can prove interesting while working in the greenhouse with them on a warm day. Patience and control are prime virtues in this situation.

     Fresh tomatoes are available at the Farm from early May through August.

Greenhouse Cucumbers are about to be ready in Early May.  No better than when they are fresh off the vine.  There are several varieties from normal size  to European Long seedles to the rather exotic White skinned.  

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